Love & Legacy

Michel and Marie married in 1969 and migrated to Australia where they established their vineyard.
They lovingly toiled away on their vines by hand, while raising a young family.
Michel and Marie fast became renowned for producing some of the finest Botrytis Semillon grapes in Australia, which are in great demand by many leading wineries.
Michel garnered the prestigious ‘King of Botrytis’ title by the industry, yet success of the vineyard he continues to attribute to his wife Marie and her woman’s touch.
Almost 40 years on, this signature boutique wine, sourced purely from the iconic Nehme vineyard, is a tribute to tradition and true love.

Michel Marie is made with sweet love.


Michel Marie upholds a philosophy to give back to the land which we adore and that gives so much back to us.
We support Aussie Helpers to help farmers in need, a cause that is true to our hearts.
Australia’s farming and land culture is an intrinsic part of our history, and will always be vital for our future.
Through the purchase of Michel Marie wine, you too will also play a part in giving back to the land.
We thank you for your contribution.

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